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Winter Courses

Scotland in winter provides one of the most challenging and testing environments in which to climb, mountaineer or walk as well as one of the most memorable and enjoyable.

I offer a range of courses such as guiding you up a classic winter climb or introducing you to the basics of winter mountaineering. I can also ease the transition from summer to winter walking and provide you with all the necessary skills. Equally, I can provide more specific and targeted workshops such as winter navigation and avalanche assessment. All courses are designed to meet your needs. They will be set at your pace and level which no one else will dictate. This will be a partnership between you and me, be it a single day, a weekend or a 5 day course.

Ratios for all courses are kept low to allow for the best possible quality of teaching and instruction. Nonetheless, different activities have different ratios. For information on this and further details about any of the activities please click on the relevant links.

One of the real challenges of winter is reading the conditions and deciding where to go. As I am based in Scotland and spend most days in the mountains I have a good understanding of the complex climate and where the most appropriate conditions are for your needs. This allows me to pick the best venue for the day. My base is near the Cairngorms but I am happy to travel all over Scotland to find the best conditions.

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